Thursday, 19 December 2013

Let's Get Back To This Shit!

Time to get my sorry arse into gear and start doing some shit on here.
I have no excuse (apart from being ill the last couple of months) to have not done anything since March.
However you may have noticed that I now have a Facebook page called ColinTylerMetalVideos.
I've been putting a few things on there on a fairly regular basis simply because it's easy to do so from my phone.
But that doesn't build up my blog subscription at all, does it?!
So, my ambition is to do at least two posts a week of either an album review or a gig.
It may be a new album or it may be an oldie that I haven't listened to a while and feel I want to write something about it.
Or a review of a recently attended gig or reminiscing on a good time!

Don't forget that I also have a YouTube page.
Please also check out my wife's Blog and Facebook pages for a bit of family fun and dilemmas with the children!
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.
Colin \m/

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