Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skreamer - "Blackened Earth" - Album Review

I've been waiting for this album for what seems an age. And believe me it's been worth the wait!

I first saw Skreamer at The Really Red Roar Festival at The Red Lion in Gravesend last year.
This was a TEN DAY event with 200 bands playing and I think they played three or four times (correct me if it's more guys!) and I managed to see them twice.Not bad as I only managed to make two days due to work commitments.

The first day I thought to myself, "Hmm... Not bad at all! Wouldn't mind seeing them again sometime."
Low and behold, I get to another day and The Skreamer Van was parked up outside and I thought, "Ooh, 'ello!"
The band recognised me from being there a couple of days earlier and asked me if I was recording bands again and if I'd be recording them (I didn't record them the first time) and I said, if they didn't mind, I'd like to.

And so to the album...

"Victim" has a killer riff, psychotic vocals and a great final breakdown that gets the album off to a flying start, followed by "S.M.I.L.E". which is short and more than sweet and has an almost NWOBHM feel to the intro with slightly heavier sounding guitars and a bass sound that certainly gets your attention.

Next up is "Nothing". Heavy as fuck bass again and at this point I noticed how good the drumming was. Why I didn't notice it during the first two tracks I'll never know but it suddenly grabbed me by the balls and brought the kind of grin to my face that only Heavy Metal can! Those who know, know...

"Opiate" with its slow intro gradually gets back on track and leads nicely to "Flesh And Blood" which is semi epic sounding showing true skill and musicianship.

"Straight To Hell" is a somewhat manic track and just what every Metal fan wants. A true 'pit song' for some 'Good Friendly Violent Fun' a la "Toxic Waltz"!

Bass, Bass and More Bass! That's what you get in "Bad Trip". One of my favourite live tracks which comes across brilliantly in the studio also. THAT BASS!!! This track could be a signature song for Skreamer. It's short and to the point, so STOP YOUR BITCHING...

"Time" - My notes read 'Ballad'. Having listened to it a few times I'm still not certain that ballad sounding tunes have a place in modern Metal.

The final track and album title "Blackened Earth", however, is an immense track. Its classic sound and solo's leading to the end tick all the boxes and leaves the hairs on the back of your neck standing up in anticipation of the next release which, hopefully, won't be too long.

To summarise. This is a varied album showing true talent from a young band that, having seen them live, enjoy what they're doing and are deserved of recognition.

Click here to watch the official "Blackened Earth" video.

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