Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Earl Of Morley's Birthday Gig Review

What better way to celebrate your birthday than organising a gig at one of the best, no, the best, venue in the South East of England, no, in England, no, The World and inviting everyone along to have a bloody great time?

Of course I'm talking about The Red Lion in Gravesend and that's exactly what my buddy Liam, The Earl Of Morley did.

Playing was Monumentomb (Their first ever gig), Cursed As Angels, Wretched Soul and Abandon The Faith.

I recently reviewed the Monumentomb EP “Ritual Exhumation” and couldn't praise it highly enough for both the quality of the songs and recording for a debut EP so now it was time to see if they can bring that monstrous sound to the stage.
And they most certainly did.
The sound was as immense as I'd hoped for but, then, sound maestro Vic Wintergreen was at the helm.
They played the EP back to back which suited me just fine with a sweet little surprise for my favourite track “Perpetual Execution Torment” when they were joined on stage by none other than Wretched Soul's Chris Simmons to carry out the vocal duty.
There was, unfortunately, a few technical issues, which were very quickly resolved so I won't mark them down on that front as it was their first gig.
As I said in my EP review, if you like traditional Death Metal then Monumentomb are a band that you really don't want to miss out on.
A great debut show and I must say, I really can't wait to see them again.

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I've said before how much I like Cursed As Angels and tonight was no exception.
They are usually a headline act at The Red Lion so tonight they played a shorter set of seven songs but they are seven carefully chosen songs which made it great nonetheless.
A new drummer (or rather loaned for a year from Warhorse) makes a huge difference. Dan Cole is an awesome drummer, don't get me wrong, but Richard Still has a classic drummer ego which raises the feel good factor to another level.
Paul McIntosh had a huge problem with his guitar which I'm not quite sure what it was but ended with him making an emergency repair and kneeling on the stage whilst playing.
As always Cursed As Angels were impressive to watch and listen to. Just a shame about the guitar problem.
But Paul Mac played the last song in his boxers – So they're forgiven.

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I've seen Wretched Soul numerous times and they always deliver the goods with tonight being no exception.
And we're treated to a six song set instead of the usual five.
A quick line check and they're off.
Starting with “Where Shadows Ride” and “Summon The Hunter” the openers for their awesome debut album “Veronica” one can only stand in awe at the ferociousness they slay upon you.
They, of course, play “Veronica” which I reckon is a classic song and the meaning behind it somewhat scarey. Do your homework if you don't know already.
And what's a Wretched Soul gig without “Dash To Destruction”? Three words. That's all there is to the singalong. So shout it back when commanded to.
Chris Simmons is such an amazing vocalist who still sends shivers down my spine. His mix of guttural Death Metal growls and high end screams just improve every time I see them making my poor spine feel more and more twisted. A bit like Wretched Soul, really.
And with The Clifford Brothers slogging it out on guitar and drums and bassist Luke Mayell swinging his head and windmilling as though it'll land in the crowd any minute this finely tuned machine should be on everyones playlist.

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Abandon The Faith played this gig as a reunion show for a good friend and ex band member, Liam's birthday.
They were everything I remember.
Very Heavy. Very Loud. Very Death. And A Lot Of Fun.
When I say Fun I mean that they really enjoy themselves on stage. Lots of smiles. Lots of making fun of each other. And Mike Crampton the keyboardist jumping about like who knows what and generally having a good time.
They play all their old songs from “Bloodtised” and “The Onslaught” right through to “Sede Vacante” with a nice little cover of Napalm Death's “You Suffer”, played twice in case you missed it the first time and an absolutely magnificent version of “Holy Diver” with Chris Simmons taking to the stage once again making my spine even worse than it was before.
Abandon The Faith played a really good, long set. They may not be everyones cup of tea but if you like Death / Black Metal then be sure to check them out.
During the gig I heard rumblings that they are going ahead with a reformation after this gig which can only be a good thing.
Let The Onslaught start again.
Nice one Liam.

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Photos used with kind permission from Nathan Hammond Photography.

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