Saturday, 9 March 2013

Devildriver & Cannibal Corpse - The Forum, Kentish Town. 7th March 2012

This was a gig that I'd been looking forward to for about six months. What an amazing line-up at an equally amazing venue, The Forum having taken over from The Astoria for similar sized bands to play.

We missed Winds Of Plague due to the door and start times. No major excuse, just didn't make it. Sorry.

Unfortunately this gig was marred by two of my mates having their phones stolen from the person. They were not both coincidentally lost.
When speaking to the Police they advised us that they're aware of a gang that operates at The Forum taking phones from people when in a crowd and that there had been quite a few reports this night.
This was advertised on the venue screens advising people to be extra vigilant.
Someone was arrested that night for theft but it's unknown if they were part of the gang.
Whilst it's impossible to stamp out crime please, everyone, take care of your belongings at gigs as the scum (only word that's suitable for a blog) do not care who you are or who we are and will target anyone. They don't care about genre. They only care about themselves and their like.
If you see anyone acting suspiciously bring it to the attention of a member of security. They're there to help and if one crime can be prevented and a non fan removed from the venue, then good.

We got in just as The Black Dahlia Murder was hitting the stage. I'd heard them on the radio before and liked what I heard so down towards the front we went.
It didn't take long for me to become entranced by them and look at Will who said, "You wanna go down the front, don't you?"
With a grin like a man possessed, I nodded and we entered the pit!
They play a great set (forgive me for not knowing the song titles) and it was clear to see the whole band had a blast and genuinely enjoyed themselves. The Cheshire Cat smiles gave that away.
And here's a surprise for you... During one track the crowd was told to 'go crazy and get crowd surfing', which they were only to happy to oblige. Even this old man at 43 joined in and took a leap back in time to his youth!

Cannibal Corpse need no introduction. The come on stage, say hello, do a line check and get the Hell on with it!
They play all the favourites you'd play on a first date including 'Hammer Smashed Face' and 'I Cum Blood'.
I can't remember many other titles as, again, I was at the front getting thrown about and doing crazy things!
Isn't that the only way to be at a Cannibal Corpse show?
If the band are giving 100% and then some. Show them a little love and give it back. Go MAD for them!

This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Devildriver and what a pleasure it was! No bullshit. Just full on, in your face, Heavy Fucking Metal!
I saw Coal Chamber on several occasions so knew what to expect from Dez Fafara. And, as always, he delivered the goods. He's an amazing front man that knows his stuff and certainly knows how to whip a crowd into a sweaty frenzy!
And when Fafara says his thanks to the bands, especially Cannibal Corpse, saying they're one of the best bands he's ever had the pleasure of touring with and how down to earth they are, you know he means this with (black) heartfelt passion. 
The band clearly enjoy themselves and what they're doing, with plenty of crowd interaction.
Now I've finally caught up with them live, I'll be sure of going to see again. ...And Again!

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